One minus zero equals two.

Yeah, you know. Maths is always kinda personal.


one-zero at your service.

one-zero is a new design studio located in Vicenza, Italy, born at the beginning of 2017 from the will of two young men who share a common passion: to create. The Italian North-East has always been a land of creatives and opportunities and in the decades brought to life so many start-ups and bigger companies that it was just natural to follow a similar path.
Our aim as individual and as one-zero is to create beautiful and useful products that will truly solve problems. We firmly believe in crowdfunding and in the power that people have to shape the future. We want to focus our efforts in making our design studio human-to-human centered.

Logical design. Creative development.

"Hey, but... it has always been the opposite: design is creative and development is logical!" You're right. It has always been the opposite. Until now.
We do believe that design must follow logical paths and pragmatic attitudes — not only mere aesthetic guidelines — and that the development of every project must be at least as creative as design usually is. This offers a new approach in product design (and, actually, to any other creative process) allowing us to create stunning experiences.

We're a duo who pretend to act like a studio.

It could not have been otherwise because this is what one-zero means: two.
It all started from a simple nerdy joke who sounds like this: "There are only 10 types of people in the world, who knows binary numbers and who does not."
Mattia is the head of communications and with Samuele they both create and design one-zero's products. Samuele is also one-zero's official photographer.
WHERE to find us

Looking for an address, huh?

Even if we would love to receive your visit and eat a couple biscuits in front of a good coffee, we're vagabonds in a multimedial era and we don't have any office to host you. So that's why you won't find a physical address. Anyway we could easily manage to take a break in a pastry shop. Otherwise you can find us almost everywhere in the Net.
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